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Alrighty, make yourself some popcorn, sit back, get comfy, and i'll tell you the story of WHY our web site has been literally DEAD for the past couple of months...'cause there's really a good reason for it!

Back on December 2nd, my computer basically crashed. the colours got all funky and we lost our ability to get online. This happened the night of the first performance of a play that 3 (out of 4) people in my family were heavily involved in (including myself). A couple of weeks after the computer crashed, we got dial-up. Now, for those who don't know, dial-up is very very slow. We were able to get online, but my FTP program refused to work with it, so i was unable to update the web site.

Then of course, the rush of the holidays hit. Christmas and New Years kept us wickedly busy. We were all exhausted beyond words. Finally, my mom called the good folks of "WOW", and they came yesterday and installed cable internet, which is a gazillion times faster than dial-up. My FTP program is working fine with it, and i am now able to update the web site.

For future reference: If this happens again, i can always still update our Myspace page, which i did do. :)

Aaaah, it's good to be back!

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